• Yes, Markey is correct, like Dred Scott, the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United should be overturned.  But no, politicians should not make comparisons that appear to compare wrongs of today to slavery (or the Holocaust).  Markey was clearly not meaning to equate the two, but no need to provide such fodder.

    From the article:

    The Reverend Talbert W. Swan, II, president of the Springfield NAACP and one of about 15 to 20 people who met with Markey earlier Tuesday, said he agreed with Markey that there were some parallels between the two “horrible” court decisions.

    “Dred Scott basically upheld considering people as property and continuing to subjugate them and restrict their rights, while Citizens United did the opposite, by recognizing property as people and giving them rights,” Swan said.

    via Markey holds firm on comments comparing campaign finance ruling to Dred Scott –

    This would all seem less concerning had I not recently read Roll Call’s, Markey: From 22 Percent to Anointed Senator, where we are reminded of how little Markey has had to campaign throughout his political career.